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Geological Monuments 2008
433 locations of geological monuments in South Australia, located by area, name and keyword, includes photo gallery.
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Dimension Stone in South Australia. Hough, J.K. 2008 - CD version
South Australia has a strong tradition of stone usage dating from the earliest days of European settlement. The lack of abundant timber supplies and the considerable thermal advantages offered by natural stone during hot South Australian summers ensured that the early settlers were quick to take advantage of the quality building stones which they found in abundance. This CD provides valuable up to date information about the dimension stone industry in South Australia.
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Bulletins 1 to 53 Compilation CD
Regional scientific summaries dating back to 1912, mainly geological but also including groundwater and mineral resources. Please refer to Bulletin tab for further details.
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Bulletin 53 - The Adelaide Geosyncline - Geological Survey of South Australia DVD
The extremely thick succession provides one of the most complete sedimentary records for the Late Proterozoic. The term geosyncline is used in a non-genetic sense for the basin in which deposition occurred during the Adelaidean and Cambrian. Only the Adelaidean sedimentary history is described, although an outline of the Phanerozoic tectonic history of the region aids interpretation of Proterozoic tectonics. This bulletin provides a synthesis and interpretation of the geology as a stimulus for developing new models for exploration. It also includes a 1:60 000 scale geological map covering the Adelaide Geosyncline and Stuart Shelf. The late Proterozoic palaeogeographic evolution is traced through 45 time slices illustrated by block-diagrams.
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Bulletin 54 - The Geology of South Australia: Volume 1, The Precambrian (eds) Drexel, J.F. and Preiss, W.V. 1993 and Volume 2, The Phanerozoic (eds) Drexel, J.F. and Preiss, W.V. 1995 (CD Version)
The geology of South Australia represents over 150 years of geological investigations in South Australia. It is designed to provide the reader with a comprehensive regional account of the products of sedimentation, deformation, metamorphism and magmatic activity throughout the State, with some insights into associated crustal processes. The ultimate aim is to stimulate exploration and research, and to provide a sound geological basis for the equitable use of the State's resources.Volume 1 - The Precambrian - describes the geology of the older rocks of South Australia spanning the period from the late Archaean (approximately 2700 million years ago) to the end of the Neoproterozoic at 540 Ma. Rocks of this age contain most of the State's metallic mineral deposits, and are currently the focus of intense exploration, largely as a result of the South Australian Exploration Initiative. The major geological provinces of interest are the Gawler Craton in the centre of the State, Musgrave Block and part of the Officer Basin in the northwest, Coompana Block in the southwest, Curnamona Craton including the Willyama Inliers in the northeast, Adelaide Geosyncline in the eastern third of the State, and basement inliers in the latter. Volume 2 - The Phanerozoic - describes the geology of the State from 540 million years ago to the present day. Rocks dating from this time in Earth history contain most of the State's oil and gas reserves, as well as a variety of industrial and extractive minerals, gemstones such as opal and diamonds, groundwater, and some metallic mineral resources. The volume also discusses geology in relation to the modern environment, covering topics such as groundwater contamination and land salinisation, geological hazards, and mining and the environment.
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Bulletin 55 - A Geochronological Framework for the Gawler Craton, South Australia (CD Version)
This Bulletin contains geochronological data and interpretations from the Gawler Craton of South Australia that have been completed by Mark Fanning of The Australian National University, by Geological Survey of South Australia personnel, and by industry and university collaborators. The data have been collected over the period 1992 to 2005 by performing Sensitive High-Resolution Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP) analyses of rock samples, using equipment based at the Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National University, as part of collaborative research programmes. The geochronology presented in this bulletin builds on the work done throughout the 1970s and early 1980s by Alan Webb and co-workers, who systematically surveyed the crystalline, and in some instances, sedimentary rocks of the Gawler Craton, and other geological provinces of South Australia, using Rb-Sr and K-Ar techniques (Steveson et al., 1971; Webb, 1978; Webb et al., 1982; Webb et al., 1986).
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Mining Reviews DVD Numbers 1 - 158
These reviews contain reports on the work carried out by the Department of Mines (later MESA/PIRSA) on the development of the mineral resources of South Australia between 1953 and 1992.
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Mineral Industry Quarterly Numbers 1 - 80
This publication provided current information and advice on South Australia mineral and petroleum developments on a regular quarterly basis from 1976 until 1996 when it was merged with the Quarterly Geological Notes (QGN) and Mines and Energy Review (MER) to form the MESA journal.
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Mine Summaries CD
This CD contains summary information on 4300 historic mines and quarries in South Australia (upto 1980) arranged by map sheet. Index maps, location plans and a mine index are included.
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Handbooks 1 to 9 are provided on one CD
Contents of CD 1. Handbook on Quarrying (revised 1993) 2. Handbook on Small Mines (revised 1983) 3. Guide to the Geology and Mineral Resources of South Australia (1980) 4. Semi-precious and Ornamental Stones of South Australia (1980) 5. Opal SA's Gemstone (revised 1992) 6. Living with Minerals (1983) 7. Catalogue of SA Minerals (1983) 8. Geology and the Adelaide Environment (1984) 9. Quaternary Molluscs of SA (1984)
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Report of Investigations - CD Compilation Numbers 1 - 56
Technical accounts of investigations in applied geology between 1954 and 1999. PDF image format. Please refer to Report of Investigations tab for further details.
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Quarterly Geological Notes Numbers 1 - 129
This publication provided short technical geological articles on South Australia from 1962 until 1996 when it was merged with the Mineral Industry Quarterly (MIQ) and Mines and Energy Review (MER) to form the MESA Journal.
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Quaternary Molluscs of South Australia. Ludbrook N.H. 1984 Handbook 9 (CD reprint version)
This work aims to thoroughly assist the student and collector in identifying the Quaternary molluscs preserved in SA rocks. Many of the molluscan fossils occurring in Late Pleistocene deposits are representatives of still living species, although some of these species no longer inhabit SA waters. Includes an introduction on the basics of identifying fossils, and provides a comprehensive list of fossil descriptions, including photographs.
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MESA Journal compilation CD
Commenced in March 1996 combining the Mining Reviews, Quarterly Geological Notes and Mineral Industry Quarterly into a single quarterly production. Disc contains all volumes published to date of ordering in searchable PDF format.
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Soils, Stratigraphy and Engineering Geology of near Surface Materials CD
This study, jointly sponsored by MESA and CSIRO Division of Soils, has established a series of 170 cored holes (benchmark sites) drilled to 10m depth where possible. Samples from the cores have undergone geomechanical and soil tests which include: Atterberg limits, particle size analysis, solute electrical conductivity and a new swell-shrink test (SST). This new test has yielded: strains (vertical, horizontal, volume), water contents at fixed suctions (pF 3.0 and sorption limit pF 6.34) and wet bulk density. A series of derived parameters from the SST are also presented and include: water content and suction at the shrinkage limit, and an instability index. A limited number of reactive soils and clays were examined using powder X-ray diffraction techniques to determine their mineralogy. More than 1500 m of core from this study have been retained for future reference at the MESA Core Library, Glenside.
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Newspaper Cuttings Books DVD
When a Geological Survey was created in 1882 as part of the Crown Lands Department it began a collection of newspaper cuttings which were sourced from South Australian newspapers and pasted into large bound volumes. The Department of Mines continued the practice after it was created in the 1894. These books were maintained on a daily basis until 1964. These books contain selected cuttings from local newspapers on mining activities. To complete the collection, all relevant newspaper articles on SA mining for the period 1836-1884 were copied from newspapers and pasted into new volumes in the 1970s. The original 46 volumes have been transferred to State Records (GRS 8688) where they can be viewed. The early volumes up to 1900 contain much valuable information on mining including annual reports, mine managers’ reports, and geological and other technical reports. In many cases they contain the only recorded information on many early mines and are therefore an extremely valuable resource.
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Review of the Burra Mine Project 1980-2008
A recent review by the GSB of geoscientific data collected in the closing stages of the Burra mine provides mineral explorers with new geochronology, enhancing the prospectivity of the Adelaide Geosyncline. CD contains the Report Book, geological map, GIS layers (ArcView and MapInfo formats) and a 3D model of the mine. CD content can be ordered or downloaded below.
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Explanatory Notes - Full set of digital copies on DVD (including maps)
Provides supporting notes (PDF format) to the published 1:250 000 scale geological mapsheet series (available for order below) including summaries of the geology, stratigraphy and tectonics. A scanned image of each 1:250 000 published geological map is also provided for each Explanatory Note
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1:250 000 Scanned Geological Map Series
Scanned geological Maps 1:250 000 series a set of 58 published maps as JPEG files. Produced March 2007.
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1:63 360 (1 Mile) Geological Map Series Geo-Referenced DVD
Contains a set of 83 published maps as JPEG files. Maps published up to and including 1966 have been scanned from lithographic prints. The maps are not geo-referenced.
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Special Series Geological Maps
Contains a set of 45 published geological maps at various scales as JPEGs. The maps are not geo-referenced.
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Scanned Preliminary Geological Maps
60 Chain to 1 mile base map series including 2 mile series. Scanned from original transparent base maps as JPEG images.
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