Murray Basin Mineral Sands Conference Extended Abstracts
The Murray Basin mineral province is now being recognised as a major resource for the next millennium. Mineral sands is the focus of this conference but the challenge lies with our Geoscience colleagues as to what else may be discovered below the sand cover. It is a privilege to lead this committee of our three kindred professional institutions, the Geological Society of Australia, Victorian, Division, the Australia Institute of Geoscientists, New South Wales Division and the Central Victoria Branch of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy into delivery of this conference. In combining our forces and encompassing our network, the organising Committee has targeted this topic that will develop interest and stimulate advances in this aspect of mineral development. The Committee believes that the papers in this volume create a benchmark for the development of the mineral sand province located within the fragile environment of the Murray-Darling Basin, a minerals province unique in its setting, frozen in time in strand lines and ancient beaches. Our objective is to develop this volume as a handbook for future use. The winning of the mineral sands from the basin is in its infancy. Our profession has learnt hard lessons when developing other areas of mineral sands in our select ecosystem and environment of Australia. Challenge lies at the feet of the technically skilled and the environmentally aware geoscientist and mineral developer. Sustainable development within multiple land usage is the watchword of the regulators. As our Committee has combined forces of the three most notable Geoscience institutions so too there lies a higher need for the academics, the technicians and the regulators to join intellectual might to develop this mineral province for the benefit of all Australians. Initial financial support to our committee came from the three State governments that cover the basin. The balance was shared by the three professional groups spreading the risk. Our committee thanks all major sponsors, exhibitors and delegates who have supported this risk venture to bring the conference to a success. A volume of this nature will contribute to the greater understanding of the potential in the Murray Basin. May by this combined effort our three professional groups be seen to be formulating goodwill and endeavours to assist development of our great nation's mineral resources in a responsible manner for the benefit of the industry professionals, academics and the laymen alike.
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