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Soil Association Map of Adelaide Region
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Athelstone-Gilles Plains-Modbury-Tea Tree Gully Soil Map
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Glynde-Morialta-Erindale-Norton Summit Soil Map
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Somerton-Marion-Brighton-Darlington-Blackwood Soil Map
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Unley-Beaumont-Belair-Brown Hill Creek Soil Map
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Metropolitan Construction Materials, Quarries, Resources and Legislative Restraints
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Location Plan of Metropolitan Quarries, Planning Zones, Private Mines and Reserves
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The Soils of Southern South Australia - Volume 1, Hall, J; Maschmedt, D; Billing, B. (reprinted version)
This book summarises the information on soil type developed via the State Land and Soil Mapping Program and contained within the State Land and Soil Information Framework. It fully documents for the first time the system categorising soils developed for Southern South Australia by the authors. A range of data and documentation now describes the natue and distribution of soil and landscape characteristics throughout this area. The information presented in this book is predominately based upon these hard won data and the accumulated knowledge of the authors.
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Soils, Stratigraphy and Engineering Geology of near Surface Materials
This study, jointly sponsored by MESA and CSIRO Division of Soils, has established a series of 170 cored holes (benchmark sites) drilled to 10m depth where possible. Samples from the cores have undergone geomechanical and soil tests which include: Atterberg limits, particle size analysis, solute electrical conductivity and a new swell-shrink test (SST). This new test has yielded: strains (vertical, horizontal, volume), water contents at fixed suctions (pF 3.0 and sorption limit pF 6.34) and wet bulk density. A series of derived parameters from the SST are also presented and include: water content and suction at the shrinkage limit, and an instability index. A limited number of reactive soils and clays were examined using powder X-ray diffraction techniques to determine their mineralogy. More than 1500 m of core from this study have been retained for future reference at the MESA Core Library, Glenside.
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Adelaide Metropolitan Soils Data, including Regional Soils Data covering Clare - Fleurieu Peninsula
Contains an Arc Reader project (& software) data is in ArcGIS shapefile format. Data compiled from scans of original soil mapping ‘Soil Association map of the Adelaide Region’ (2nd edition 1989: J.K. Taylor, M.J. Sheard & G.M. Bowman). Also contains high res versions of all the Soil Association maps (set of 5), relevant soils Bulletins: 32 and 46. Covering: Modbury (Nth), Flagstaff Hill (Sth) Skye (E) For outer metro area data has been added from DEWNR Soil Landscape layers: Soil Type & Soil Group. Data is in ArcGis shapefile format, covering the outer metro area extent: Kapunda (Nth) Willunga (Sth) and Mannum (E).
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